πŸ“’ NEWS πŸ“’ 2022

Hey there!

πŸ“’ We will be running Center for Humane Technology Foundations Course as Berlin cohort, starting April 11, 2022. We will run weekly calls to support each other and discuss the course materials.

Foundations of Humane Technology Course

Join our Discord Server to participate in the cohort and connect with other Humate Tech Berliners here:

Join the Humane Tech Berlin Discord Server!

We are a community of people on a shared mission to realign our technology with our humanity.

We host events and conversations for technologists and people in adjacent fields (design, psychology, sociology etc) who are aware of the problems and motivated to do something about it.

We are starting a movement for Humane Technology in Berlin β€” inspiring technologists to orient towards meaningful opportunities and decisions for building products in a way that is informed by Humane Tech principles.

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